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Maritime Insurance

Whether you are in the business of performing base operations and maintenance or providing security guards at government facilities, we can create a cost-effective insurance solution that minimizes your risk and keeps you focused on the task of supporting government and military services to our nation. 

Government services contractors have unique and difficult exposures that require the services of a broker with expertise in this area. 

  • We have in-depth knowledge of the insurance products and services available to meet government contractors’ insurance needs.
  • Our risk consultants will conduct a thorough review of your operations, risk management practices, and contracts.  Once we understand your insurance needs, we will design a program to match the nature and scope of your business.
  • Should your operations involve shipboard work, we have a highly skilled team of professionals to assist with these specific exposures.

Some specific Maritime coverages we offer are as follows:

  • Marine Commercial Liability
  • Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability
  • Stevadore’s Liability
  • Terminal Operator Liability
  • Pollution Liability Coverage
  • Builders Risk
  • Warfingers
  • Workers Compensation
  • USL&H
  • Defense Base Act
  • Maritime Employers Liability